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Values Audit

Lay out the four aces. Sort the suggested values under the four categories:

  • Very Important
  • Important
  • Of Some Importance
  • Of Little Importance

The 48 cards are suggested guidelines for identifying your values. They are not chiselled in stone. The two jokers are ‘wild cards’ which you can use to represent any value which you feel is missing. The list of values and the qualifying descriptions are subjective. Please feel free to put your own qualifiers onto any chosen value.

Eliminate any values you rate ‘Of Little Importance’. Review those values that are ‘Of Some Importance’. Once you are satisfied that they are not ‘Important’ or ‘Very Important’ these too can be eliminated. Now review the two remaining columns of cards. When you are content that each value is in the correct category you can now dispose of those that are not considered ‘Very Important’.

On your initial sorts you’ll probably still have an extensive list. For the purpose of this exercise we’re going to impose a ‘baggage allowance’ of a maximum of 8 values. If you have in excess of 8 values remaining sort the cards once again under the categories of ‘Very Important’ and ‘Important’.

Through a process of elimination reduce the list of ‘Very Important’ values to a maximum of eight. If you’re finding this challenging you could sort the remaining into a hierarchy with the most important values at the top and those of lesser importance further down and keep the eight most important.

The exercise is complete when you have a maximum of 8 values set out in order of importance.

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