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“Need a Life”….Get a Coach

When the Going Gets Tough, Get a Life Coach. Coaches use a practical, goal-oriented approach, to help you row your “life-boat” gently downstream”…..Irish Times

Life coaching is much more than personal development. Coaches facilitate people in defining and achieving their goals, whether these are personal or career. Typically Life Coaching is “holistic”, meeting the person where they’re at. The coach guides them through a series of structured sessions. He/She takes them to a place where they set out clear and targetable goals in most dimensions of their lives. The following are some of the services we offer:

  • Life And Business Coaching
  • Training and Personal Development
  • Career And Goal Clarification
  • Skills Profiling And Interview Preparation
  • Stress Management And Assertiveness Training Techniques
  • Team Building
  • Communication And Negotiation Strategies
  • Sales Training And Customer Care Programmes
  • Clean language instruction


Want to get Ahead? Get a Life Coach.

“A much easier, more fulfilling and rewarding experience than I ever could have imagined! A lot of that was due to the easy going, down to earth manner with which Maurice gets the job done! Cannot thank you enough Maurice.” Laura, Mayo, July 2010

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"As a coach there is something quite other worldly about Maurice, somehow like you might imagine a wise old wizard to be. The effect of his steady and very present presence is to keep you as a client engaged in your stuff and attending to what needs to be attended to. If you hire Maurice your situation will change for the better."

Rupert Meese, Director, Lightmind Ltd July 1, 2009 more..