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Comments: What client’s and students are saying.

“I enjoyed working with you, you give of yourself freely and openly, which inspires trust and understanding”.

“I have learned to hold back a little and let others find solutions, I have sent other staff members to meetings/presentations which it was not essential for me to attend, this has given me a sense of being freed up and has enhanced rapport.”B.C. M.Sc., H.Dip in Ed. Senior Manager in Health Care.

“I would have no difficulty recommending you as a coach on account of professionalism, positive focus on life and a genuine caring attitude”.

“Even though I would describe myself as being confident with a fair dose of self worth; I still benefited enormously from our session on preparing me for the interview. I felt more focussed and secure of where I wanted to go. The opportunity to go through possible questions plus the non-verbal aspects of the forthcoming interview proved of great assistance in understanding how I felt and what I was going to say at the interview. Thank you Maurice, the world needs more, I need more!”.

“Maurice, I think you make a great coach. You appear to have great intuition, sensitivity and genuine interest in people”.

“An earthy, perceptive, no-nonsense, compassionate, sharply insightful, open humorous man. Highly recommended”.

“Maurice, you have a very gentle but excellent style when coaching”.


Maximise Life Coaching
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"As a coach there is something quite other worldly about Maurice, somehow like you might imagine a wise old wizard to be. The effect of his steady and very present presence is to keep you as a client engaged in your stuff and attending to what needs to be attended to. If you hire Maurice your situation will change for the better."

Rupert Meese, Director, Lightmind Ltd July 1, 2009 more..